1. Pierre-Henri Agnes | [EP01] 
  2. Salah Ayman Alnabi | [EP01] 
  3. Nicholas Anscombe | [EP03] 

    Nicholas Anscombe was born in Oxford, England. He trained at Rose Bruford College drama school from 2007 to 2010 and now works as an actor, physical theatre performer and puppeteer. He has experience in Bunraku, Table-top, Glove, Rod, Giant and Muppet style puppetry. He is known for his work on Twirlywoos (2015), Newzoids (2015) and Elevator Blues (2015) for which he won "Best Supporting Actor" Award.

  4. Kishan Asensio | [EP01] 
  5. Holly Ashford | [EP01]
  6. Maël Bächtold | [EP01] 
  7. Ghida Bahsoun | [EP01][EP02][EP03][EP04] 

    Ghida Bahsoun was born in Beirut, Lebanon. After completing a bachelor’s degree in interior architecture, she graduated in 2016 from Geneva University of Art and Design. With an interest in participatory design and art direction, she is now working as a freelance designer in Berlin.

  8. Nadim Bahsoun | [EP01]
  9. Julien Baiamonte | [EP02]
  10. Romain Balestra | [EP04]
  11. Brice Bambara | [EP01] 
  12. Bolorchimeg Batchuluun | [EP01]
  13. Amandine Baud | [EP01] 
  14. Nicolas Berman | [EP04]
  15. Barbara Bertoli | [EP01]
  16. Jurgen Bey | [EP02]
  17. Julien Billard | [EP04]
  18. Yann Boggio | [EP04]
  19. Catherine Bollard | [EP04]
  20. John Bongo | [EP01]
  21. Marco Borraccino | [EP02]
  22. Jim Boss | [EP04]
  23. Sami Bouard Cart | [EP01]
  24. Mark Boulos | [EP02]
  25. Emilie Bourquin | [EP01]
  26. Jessica Brancato | [EP01]
  27. Sergio Jaramillo Buitrago | [EP02]
  28. Fred Buttor-blamont | [EP01]
  29. Naim Bytyqi | [EP01]
  30. Jeremy Calame | [EP01]
  31. Maxime Cinquin | [EP02]
  32. Fabian Claus | [EP01]
  33. Carolina Chiariotti | [EP02]
  34. Emilia Colombi Boggio | [EP04]
  35. Philippe Constantin | [EP04]
  36. Bastien Conus | [EP01][EP02]
  37. Lionel Coudray | [EP01]
  38. Laurent Criado | [EP04]
  39. Stéphanie De Roguin | [EP04]
  40. Natacha de Santignac | [EP04]
  41. Malek Dahmani | [EP04]
  42. Sylvain Delacretaz | [EP01]
  43. Felipe Delgado | [EP01]
  44. Elodie Delmouly | [EP02]
  45. Cathy Depasquale | [EP02]

    Cathy Depasquale was born in Melbourne, Australia. Due to her partner’s job at University of Geneva, she moved to Switzerland five years ago. She currently works there as a writer.

  46. Steve Diamant | [EP02]
  47. Sonia Dominguez | [EP01]
  48. Joël Dupont | [EP01] 
  49. Sylvie Durouvenoz Rosset | [EP04]
  50. Iryna Dzyubynska | [EP02]
  51. Luke Edison | [EP02] 
  52. Nathan Favot | [EP02]
  53. Roberto Feo | [EP01][EP02]
  54. Laura Fleury | [EP02]
  55. Valentine Franc | [EP02]
  56. Amélie Freyche | [EP01]
  57. Pascale Gautier | [EP04]
  58. Pierre Gautier | [EP04]
  59. Elodie Gerber | [EP04]

    Elodie Gerber was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. She moved to Geneva where she did a Master ’s degree in political science and fell in love with this multicultural city! Her passion is travelling and photography. She is currently looking for a job in the field of human right or related to migration/refugees or communication.

  60. Marine Girard | [EP01][EP02]
  61. Laure Granval | [EP01]
  62. Harry Gray | [EP01]
  63. Cesarina Guida | [EP04] 

    Imagining stories, creating scenarios in her mind, shaping fictional lives… these have always been Cesarina Guida’s favourite activities. So why not putting everything in writing ?
    A teacher for fifteen years, a film and nature lover, Cesarina has been writing novels for years in order to materialise the ideas that go through her head.

  64. Alexis Guillot | [EP01]
  65. Jacky Guillon | [EP04]
  66. Nelly Haliti | [EP01]
  67. Lisa Hartje Moura | [EP02]
  68. Jerlyn Heinzen | [EP01]
  69. Hugo Hemmi | [EP01]
  70. Antoine Herbulot | [EP02]
  71. Simon Hildebrand | [EP04]
  72. Patricia Hugonin | [EP04]
  73. Piers Hunt | [EP03]

    Piers Hunt is an actor and writer based in London, mostly known for Canal (2017), Ice Cream (2016) and The Colours of Rosy's Fear (2015). He graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 2012, he is ambitious and very driven. He enjoys collaborating and improvisation as well as traditional theatre.

  74. Judith Hunziker | [EP02]
  75. Rosario Hurtado | [EP02]
  76. Marguerite Humeau | [EP02]
  77. Samuel Ishimwe | [EP01]

    Ishimwe Karemangingo Samuel was born in Kigali, Rwanda. He started his career in filmmaking, in 2011, after finishing his secondary studies in Electricity, from then he has written and directed several short films, which were screened in different international film festivals. Besides writing and directing, he has worked on other films as a cinematographer. Currently he is in the third year of a Bachelor’s degree, in Cinema, at Geneva University of Art and Design.

  78. Océane Izard | [EP02]
  79. Barbara Jenny | [EP01]
  80. Aziz K. | [EP02] 
  81. Batkhurel Khurelbaatar | [EP01]
  82. Nadège Kindudi | [EP04]
  83. Julien Kisa | [EP04]
  84. Bouba Kebe | [EP01]
  85. Karim Kombas | [EP01]
  86. Clément Lanternier | [EP01]
  87. Alessandro La Pegna | [EP01]
  88. Gleb Latsenia | [EP02]

    Gleb Iatsenia is a Swiss citizen of Russian and Ukrainian origin, who grew up in the US and has been living in the Geneva area of Switzerland for nearly seventeen years. He has dabbled in creative ventures from time to time and currently works as a volunteer at film festivals and for an American football team, alongside his day job in career transition coaching.

  89. Pauline Lecerf | [EP02]

    Pauline Lecerf is a French artist based in Paris. She works in radio, diagram drawing, shape finding and story telling. She aims to explore the vibrant in-betweenness of two polarities: how do you grasp the tension between what is unsettling and what is reassuring? Between being alone and being together? Between “I understand perfectly” and “I'm not quite sure I got it”? Between stupid in the best possible way, and really stupid.

  90. Romain Legros | [EP01]
  91. Charlotte Le Monnier | [EP02]
  92. Frédèrique Longrée | [EP04]
  93. Jimmy-lee Loosli | [EP02]
  94. Laura Loyola | [EP01]
  95. Newton Lusambili | [EP02]
  96. Sara Madrane | [EP01]
  97. Abdu Mah | [EP01]
  98. Tyan Mâles | [EP01]
  99. Franck Mangano | [EP01]
  100. Flora Marchon | [EP04]

    Flora Marchon was born in Geneva, Switzerland. After high school, she devoted two years to travel to Senegal, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona where she enjoyed writing and discovering new life experiences. Once back to Switzerland, she moved to Lausanne and started a Bachelor’s degree of Letters in which she’s specialising in French, Art History and Psychology. Flora Marchon loves cats, and Porto.

  101. Kritisjan Marinkovik | [EP01][EP02]

    Kristijan Marinkovik was born on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, in Zagreb, Croatia. Primary school was a time of wonder and learning – colour pencils captured his imagination. He discovered video games (a dangerous distraction), but also joined a theatre group during middle school. In 2001 he moved to Geneva, where he finished high school, then went on to university, and worked a few jobs. Throughout the years he has harboured interests in art, games, theatre, film, reading, writing... His guiding principles in life are to keep an open mind and to be creative!

  102. Annie Elis Martin | [EP02]
  103. Arno Mathies | [EP01][EP02]
  104. Emmanuel Matringue | [EP01]
  105. Neal Maxwell | [EP01]
  106. Marie Mazière | [EP01]
  107. Aaron McLaughlin | [EP02]
  108. Chand Mehta | [EP02]
  109. Kevin Meister | [EP01]
  110. Alexandra Midal | [EP02] 
  111. Ridima Mittal | [EP02]
  112. Céline Mosset | [EP01]
  113. Sandra Mudronja | [EP01][EP02]
  114. Annja Muller | [EP01]
  115. Lucien Musolino | [EP01]
  116. Sébastien M.Gehan | [EP04]
  117. Dan Nemeth | [EP04]

    50% Bank 50% Arts 100% Swiss. Dan Nemeth was born in Geneva, Switzerland, and loves chocolate. He majored in History in university then pursued a career in Private Banking but never caught it. Since 1998, he also writes for comics (Ed. Paquet / Enfants rouges). In 2013 he opened “Next Door”, an art gallery, with three other artist friends. Besides his full time job, he likes to explore different artistic fields. With a special interest in writing, he loves to create with passion and happiness.

  118. Rebekah Nissu | [EP02]
  119. David O’Brien | [EP01]
  120. Noah Oehri | [EP01]
  121. Jeremie Ohanian | [EP01]
  122. Dylan Perrenoud | [EP01][EP02]

    Dylan Perrenoud was born in Geneva, Switzerland. He studied Photography at the Vevey School of Photography and History at the University of Geneva. He worked at the Geneva University of Art and Design for a couple of years and developed his own artistic practice exhibiting in various galleries in Switzerland. He is particularly interested in architecture and the relation of mankind to its environment.

  123. Lean Petterson | [EP01]
  124. Sébastien Perrot | [EP01]
  125. Kim Pittier | [EP02]
  126. Margot Plassard | [EP04]
  127. Toky Rabemanantsoa | [EP02]
  128. Rita Reis Colaçot | [EP01]
  129. Isabelle Reyé | [EP01]
  130. Dominic Robson | [EP02]
  131. Jérôme Rosset | [EP04]
  132. Ingrid Rousseau | [EP01][EP02][EP03][EP04]

    Ingrid Rousseau is a French citizen who grew up in Caribbean and Biarritz, France. She gained her professional experience by working with Åbäke (UK), Lava (NL) & Integral (FR), then she did a Masters, in 2016, at Geneva University of Art and Design. With a special interest in event design, she co-founded the platform ‘The Taste of The Brain’, in 2015. She is currently living and working in Montreal (CA).

  133. William Roussel | [EP01]
  134. Paulo Saraiva | [EP02]
  135. Gordan Savicic | [EP02]
  136. Mélanie Savioz | [EP04]
  137. Jana Scholze | [EP02]
  138. Boris Siemaszko | [EP01]
  139. Daniel Siemaszko | [EP01]
  140. Alexandre Simian | [EP01][EP02]
  141. Aliki Semertzi | [EP02]
  142. Pierre-Alain Schilling | [EP01]
  143. Arthur Schwarz | [EP01]

    Arthur Schwarz was born in Geneva, Switzerland. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Visual Communication, at the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD). Besides graphic design, he enjoys traveling, going on adventures and meeting new people.

  144. Simon Senn | [EP01][EP02]

    Simon Senn was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. As a Geneva based artist, he studied at the Geneva University of Art and Design, at the London School of Journalism and graduated with an MFA from Goldsmiths College, London in 2013. His works have been exhibited at the ICA London, the Liverpool Biennial, the Centro d’Arte Contemporanea del Ticino Bellinzona, the Nest - ruimte voor kunst Den Haag and the Kunstmuseum, Bern. Senn has received numerous grants and prizes, including the Swiss Art Award, Prix Suisse de la Performance, and Kiefer-Hablitzel Preis.

  145. Frazer Sloan | [EP02]
  146. Célia Sozet | [EP01]
  147. Adriana Stanciu | [EP02]
  148. Permitte Steffen | [EP04]
  149. Léo Tarazi | [EP02]
  150. Noam Toran | [EP01][EP02]
  151. Loli Tou  | [EP04] 
  152. Laurence Tournier | [EP04]
  153. Nathalie Waridel | [EP04]
  154. Yannick Wäffle | [EP01]
  155. Thomas Wroblevski | [EP01]
  156. Lin Xin Yan | [EP01]
  157. Mathias Zieba | [EP01][EP02]
  158. Salomé Ziehli | [EP01]
  159. Céline | [EP01]
  160. Cemil | [ EP01]
  161. Jewel | [ EP01]

    Jewel is a French Sphynx cat, originally from the United Kingdom, who has been living in Lausanne for nearly three years. She currently works in Switzerland as a professional pet model.