Abcdinamo ( CH ), type design practice established by Johannes Breyer and Fabian Harb

Cinetype ( CH ), company specialised in subtitling cinematic movie reels.

Dylan Perrenoud Studio ( CH ), architectural photographer.

Jung-Lee Type Foundry ( NL ), type design practice established by Jungmyoung Lee.

Geneva University of Art and Design (CH).

Goldsmiths University of London (UK), public research university specialising in the arts, design, humanities, and social sciences.
Fondation Hans Wilsdorf (CH), established by Rolex SA founder, active in the fields of culture and education among others.
Le Spoutnik ( CH ), independent movie theatre.

LiveInYourHead Gallery ( CH ), exhibition space and curatorial institute of Geneva University of Art and Design.

Bains des Pâquis ( CH ), public institution located on the right bank of Léman Lake

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Saint Etienne ( FR ).

  1. What was it like to film in Aletsch Glacier?

    It was cold! I think It was quite intense physically because there was a lot of snow obviously but it was quite an enjoyable project.

  2. How would you describe the Guffetsch experience?

    It’s designing through personality traits of the characters and the actors involved… and it’s such an interesting way of working because it’s collaborative. All the elements are then included in a film as well, and the people filming are sometimes being filmed, everyone is working together and you could see how different parts work fit together. So I think working in such a tiny environment and seeing all the different elements is a really interesting exercise. We always aim for adding drama in our projects.

  3. Does Guffetsch really exist?

    Yes it does, it is not a fictional company, but it does not follow a classic hierarchy.

  4. Who is behind the decisions?

    The actors are behind the decisions. Let me think… I would even say everybody could be behind the decisions. Guffetsch is both the author and the actor, it’s a dialogue.

  5. What do you think is the potential for extending the idea of Guffetsch .. Say, if you wanted to reach Hollywood ? How would you begin?

    We aim to produce a complete season of the series, and hopefully get it published in some way or another, in a gallery, a film festival or through an entertainment company. We would begin by applying to festivals and events, and by expanding our team. Every context presents its own constraints but I think it’s also a good challenge for us to adapt.

  6. I want to know who I am, as an audience’s member?

    You’re an audience member and a part of Guffetsch , we did say last question!

  7. What role was the drone playing?

    The drone plays a character, like Stanley, the sphynx in episode one.

  8. Can I climb on Guffetsch?

    Yes you can.

  9. How do you sponsor the projects?

    You mean who are the people who hire us? It depends on the specifics of the project and who the company is going to work with. It’s a dialogue that we have, we have a discussion, and we are employed by them. So, the money comes from them. We already come with an idea and it depends on what we want to do: “Ok well, we want to make a movie or we want to create this architecture with an event around it..” and then we propose something to them, a strong idea, and they would agree with it or edit it.. or say: “no, sorry can you come up with something else?” and when we both agree, then we could work on it: “Ok I love this structure and I want to make a drama film around it.. with 30 actors …”  “Ok, great ! Yes, you can make a drama film, 20 minutes long with five actors maximum!“